We offer an innovative SD-DaaS (Software-Defined Drone-as-a-Service) core platform with B2B solutions in a variety of verticals for SMBs to deploy UAVs in their commercial operations efficiently using consumer-grade drones with more affordable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Everduit Technology, Inc. is a software startup company who develops an innovative SD-DaaS core platform with B2B solutions for SMBs to deploy drones with affordable TCO. With our expertise in cloud, AIoT, security, real-time decentralized system and UAV automation technologies, we can help SMB customers to deploy UAV services in tourism, community surveillance, construction, smart manufactory, smart agriculture, etc. for wider industrial upgrades.


Recently, drones or UAVs are becoming more and more useful by consumers and in commercial cases for a variety of industries such as manufactory, insurance, agriculture, construction, surveillance, etc. However, high-end commercial uses of drones are typically complicated in settings and so specialized that it is hard to reuse in other cases. Thus, it remains a question: How can SMBs afford using drones efficiently in their own business logics?

In short, commercial drones are too expensive for SMBs to deploy. Can SMBs simply deploy consumer-grade drones that are cheaper and easier to acquire? To do so, SMBs must consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the drone deployment, that is, it is too costly to hire professional drone pilots to run frequent routine jobs; it is complex to self-manage and set up the drone flight plans; it is too hard to effectively integrate the drone flights with the existing business logics.


To solve this problem, Everduit has developed an innovative SD-DaaS (Software Defined Drone-as-a-Service) core technology that can be used to provide SMBs or budget-limited organizations / communities a very affordable B2B solution for deploying drones. It allows the SMB customers to reuse or acquire their own consumer-grade drones to execute the commercial tasks, using SD-DaaS runtime invocation of drone services that are set up through cloud-based software with security and safety plus regulation compliance. The drone in automated flight can respond to the operator’s commands at real times within safety geofence. With that, SMBs can use drones at any times, without long-term relying on professional drone pilots of which the services can cost a fortune otherwise. Through our B2B solutions, all SMBs can afford using drones to get to the next level for industry 4.0 and smart city!

Use Cases

For the vertical in tourism, we provide “Go Drone!” B2B solution for drone-sharing where the tourism hotspot managers or travel agents or channels can participate in provisioning a drone service that any tourists can summon. They use a free App on smartphones to invoke the drone service which if authorized by code or payment will summon a drone that automatically flies to meet the user. The user can then control the drone for the period of service time for aerial video recording or photo shot, while this drone flight has been pre-programmed to comply with regulations and geofence for safety. Using the latest 4G or even 5G mobile networks, the drone videos and photos can be distributed over the tourists’ social networks quickly throughout the great experiences, sharing with friends and families on the next level of 5G era to come!

For the vertical in community surveillance, our B2B solution allows the local communities to budget the purchase of consumer-grade drones or simply get some of their members to donate time shares of their own drones for being used by the community’s surveillance tasks. The SD-Daas software settings for the surveillance tasks are flexible and can be reviewed by the members so as to ensure authorization, compliance with regulations, protection of privacy, and efficient uses of the public resources as well as the ability of responding the member requests for surveillance at real times, for building the smart city!

For 5G + Smart City

Forward looking to AIoT in next generation, we expect that our SD-DaaS technology may extend its applications to a variety of business cases and levels, for example, in sports, outdoors, travels, entertainments, agriculture, construction, community responses, etc. With 5G coming soon, we invite you to join the new era of drone sharing with SD-DaaS, for the new smart industries!

What is Go Drone

Go Drone! Solution

“Go Drone!” is a B2B2C product offered in our innovative Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for SMB or larger companies to provide short-term drone services (typically 3-5 minutes) for their own visitors or users on premises to take selfie video by drone in the air. This can create new add-on features, for significant revenue-increase opportunities, while the drone-usage security is kept in full control by our customer’s authority through their DaaS configuration.

With “Go Drone!” deployment on site, the visitors can use our Everduit App (iOS & Android, free download) to request for a drone to come and take a selfie video (typically in 3-5 minutes) in the designated region with geofence enforced by the DaaS settings. After the use, the drone automatically returns.

During the 3-5 minutes, the visitor who used App to summon the drone will be able to maneuver the drone easily using the same App. Since the drone is limited within the geofence already set up by the DaaS configuration with careful design at the deployment, the visitor does not have to worry if the drone will fly or get trapped somewhere it shouldn’t!

The best part of Go Drone is that the drone comes and leaves (after the 3-5 minutes usage) in fully automated way!

It’s Your Revenue.

How to charge the visitors (or not) for the Go Drone service on the commercial site is totally determined by the local business who deploys Go Drone. This is configurable for each of our B2B customers, and the decisions are theirs. So are the revenues.

“Go Drone!” package includes:

  1. Initial planning for the DaaS deployment on premise.
  2. Initial setup of hardware & software for the DaaS deployment on premise.
  3. Basic training of on-site staffs to manage the system on the regular basis.
  4. Service contract renewable year-over-year for IT support & troubleshooting.
  5. Options to upgrade services, modify/add new services, customization, and integration with third-party systems.