About Us

silicon valley
Startup in Silicon Valley USA

Headquartered in Silicon Valley USA with R&D office in Taipei, we are a startup software company to offer innovative AIoT platform for patented Virtual Private Drone (VPD) system to implement Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS).

B2B Solution for SD-DaaS

We offer B2B solutions for SMB to deploy Software-Defined Drone-as-a-Service (SD-DaaS) using our Virtual Private Drone (VPD) system where the SMB’s customers can summon & control a drone when they visit, in automated & secure process.

Innovation + Integration

We are focused on Software-Defined Drone-as-a-Service (SD-DaaS) innovation & integration using cloud computing, edge computing & AIoT technologies with modern drones. We believe that integration is the key while customer needs are priority. 

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